Cooking from The Pantry

Holiday Breakfast

Holiday Breakfast

Holiday Breakfast


4 eggs

4 tbs milk

4 tbs parmesean cheese, grated

salt & pepper to taste

3 tbs From Olives & Grapes Whole Fruit Blood Orange Fusion olive oil

drizzle From Olives & Grapes Strawberry Dark balsamic vinegar

fresh baguette

arugula for garnish

three slices prosciutto


  1. whip eggs with milk, Salt & Pepper
  2. warm skillet with olive oil
  3. scramble eggs
  4. add cheese
  5. place sliced baguette on plate
  6. drizzle on olive oil
  7. place prosciutto on baguette
  8. spoon on scrambled egg
  9. garshish with arugula
  10. drizzle on Strawberry balsamic