Why is my favorite oil not available?

We understand the frustration of not having access to your favorite product. Our pure oils rotate seasonally due to harvest cycles. For portions of the year, we will only have Northern or Southern hemisphere pure olive oils available. This is to guarantee that we are offering the freshest and highest quality products. Due to the rotational nature, not all olive varieties are available year-round. 


What are biophenols?

Biophenols are bioactive phenols and are desired for their natural antioxidant properties. Studies have confirmed the positive impact of biophenols based on improvements to cardiovascular health and their anti-inflammatory properties. Our pure extra virgin olive oils are cold pressed and stored in cool environments to maintain their high biophenol levels. 


How do biophenols impact flavor?

In general, as the level of biophenols increases, the intensity of the olive oil increases. Our mild pure olives oils have lower biophenols ppm compared to our robust selections. Mild olive oils are generally fruitier and enjoyed by more customers. More robust olive oils tend to have a more peppery and earthy flavor. 


What is EVOO?

Extra virgin olive oil, EVOO, is a cold-press oil that has not been chemically refined. Cold-pressing preserves the biophenol levels. We recommend consuming EVOO within 2 years of its harvesting. 


What is the difference between white and dark balsamic vinegar?

Our white balsamic vinegars are made with white wine vinegar and deliver a brighter flavor. Our dark balsamic vinegars are made with red wine vinegar and provide a deeper, richer flavor. 


How much sugar is in your vinegars?

Most of our vinegars have around 8-9 grams of naturally occurring sugar per tablespoon. None of our vinegars have added sugar. We offer some options that have lower sugar content, such as our Oregano White Balsamic and A-Premium White Balsamic. 


Do any of your products contain gluten?

Our olive oils and vinegars are certified gluten-free. 



I just ordered, when can I expect my goodies?

It normally takes us 1-2 business days to package an order. If we are experiencing delays we will notify you via our website or with a call.

We bottle our products in our stores, located on the Eastern coast of Central Florida. We ship via USPS. Packages should arrive to you 2-5 business days after leaving our store. If you would like to arrange for faster shipping please call us to place an order at (321) 676 – 8918. 


How do you ship?

Shipping is free to one address in the US, US territories, and APO/FPO for orders of $95 or more! Shipping is via USPS. Tracking information is provided via email once the product is packaged. Very rarely is a shipment lost or stolen after delivery by the USPS. If this happens, please inform us and we will enter a claim with the USPS and send a replacement.


What if my bottle arrived broken?

Every item we sell is carefully inspected before it is shipped. If the shipment arrives with broken or leaking bottles, please call us at (321) 676-8918.  If you let us know what is broken or leaking, we will replace it promptly.



Where can I direct feedback?

If you would like to provide us with feedback about any part of our service please reach out to us by phone, e-mail, or letter. Check out our contact page for more information. For written communication, we will reply within 5 working days. We can assist your needs confidently and effectively!