In 2008, I decided to invest in a passion project. My wife, Pam, and I enjoy cooking at home. In our journey to elevate our meals, we discovered the nuances and benefits of pure extra virgin olive oil! Now we have two quaint stores in Brevard to help other home chefs bring new life to their recipes!

I have gotten to see much of our beautiful world, from Mongolia to Italy to Peru. During my travels, I have learned to appreciate a wide selection of culinary practices. From baking to vinaigrettes, I learned high-quality fresh olive oil can make a huge impact! Our pure oils rotate seasonally based on freshness. Some months we offer Northern hemisphere harvests and others we offer Southern hemisphere olive oils. We always provide a range of pure olive oils, from mild to intensely robust.

Our flavored oils and vinegars are fragrant, flavorful, and unlike any product you find on traditional store shelves! When you walk into our stores, you will see our oils and vinegars stored in fustis. You’ll be able to taste before you buy to guarantee you love your pick! Our vinegars are rich and well balanced, you won’t need to reduce them to be able to drizzle over dishes or mix into shrubs. Our selection of infused olive oils are delectable and fantastic for cooking, vinaigrettes, and baking!

We are a mom-n-pop operation, and we have partnered with suppliers that have a similar structure. We work with Veronica Foods Inc., a 3-generation family business, who strive to provide the finest quality oils and vinegars. They stick to tradition and do not add sugar, artificial flavors, or colors to any of our products. 

I encourage you to come into our stores for a tasting! For online shoppers deciding between flavors, try out a sampler pack before committing to a full bottle. If you have any questions, call us and we will help you pick out the next “secret” ingredient to upgrade your meals!